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Mirai Nikki Episode 14

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Mirai Nikki
Episode Title: Deleted Memory

Episode Summary :

Aru in conversation with Yuno watching what they eat and reveals he was digging in his garden three bodies, two of whom recently had their skulls removed. When providing this information to the police unless they are freely threatens to cause the stress Yuno change his mind again, so contentious negotiations. As Kousaka uses his mobile phone, his will in his blog, it is revealed in a newspaper carrier newspaper future in the eighth, who shot her address as "apprentice". On the advice of Aru, Kousaka works from his diary, forecasts and suffering from amnesia, a catatonic Yuno and Yuki tied Hinata in the control room. His appearance causes Yuki to rest, noting, as Yuno need to do safely on July 28. Juno is the handcuff key Yuki on the floor and throws Kousaka from the control panel buttons, with which he freely Aru and Mao. Yuno then uses the distraction Kousaka and shoots him with a crossbow. However, Yuki was throwing his keys at him by Hinata, was released and stops Yuno, left them behind when his journal said that the imminent arrival of three newspaper owners, all students of the eighth.

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