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Transformers: Cybertron Episode 1

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Transformers: Cybertron
Episode Title: Fallen

Episode Summary :

The episode begins with the Cybertron Autobots escape the black hole threatens the planet. The Autobots carry a few last-minute deliveries when Starscream appears. Starscream takes the Autobots, Optimus Prime, but leads to the rescue. He quickly turns and attacks, but then he realizes Starscream is a bait and rolls for the base. Starscream Optimus aims, but the jumps of mines on the road. It is damaged and begins to float in the air, to save him and stuff. Vector Prime moves out and opens a space bridge to Earth as landmines while driving. On Earth, Coby and his younger brother Bud Racing dirt bikes with his father. Lori comes out and begins to complain, so they invite them to join in the festivities. The three children begin to walk in the mountains when they see the open deck space. They go to investigate the crash and find landmines. Coby repairs to landmines mines began to tell them the story of the Transformers. It reveals that the black hole was created by the destruction of Unicron. The black hole was now consuming many planets, and so was the next Cybertron Jetfire Optimus was sent to Earth to scan a few vehicles. Jetfire made vehicle concepts for all processors, so they are scanned and they began to carry earth, when an open deck. Vector Prime comes out, which calls itself the guardian of space and time. Vector Prime, said the only way was to save Cybertron and the universe to decipher the map and find the Cyber ​​Planet Key. Optimus agrees quickly. Back on Earth, Thundercracker scans a jet and mines located. He decides to attack mines behind. Protect children against landmines, and then Optimus comes flying in his fire engine mode. Thundercracker Optimus eliminated quickly and informed the other Autobots, he is landmines. The Autobots and crashed into the children, then Optimus decides, they say the rest of the story. After saving, mining, Vector Prime was able to complete the synchronization of the Commission. Right now, Megatron transported and disposed of Scatter Shot. He tried to convince Vector Prime that the Autobots are evil, but Vector Prime was not fooled, so instead of Megatron stole the planetary map. Optimus came and went in super mode. He went head to head with Megatron, but Megatron was able to achieve after stealing the card, so that the Decepticons have the card and the Autobots on Earth. Vector Prime then calls Minicons. Vehicle scanning Minicons and start making their daily tasks when Vector Prime Notes Loris shirt. Lori-shirt contains a symbol that is the hallmark of Atlantis. Vector Prime recognizes that the Omega Lock is on earth, and it informs the Autobots that when they find the Omega Lock, they can find another card, so the mission begins.

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